Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Waxday

Well, right when i got home today, i started to heat the wok. I had a plan, and like most of my plans, this one steered away from the original goal, however i think thats always a great thing (in the studio). I have had these pieces of amazing kelp a friend and his mom, who is also a painter, collected here at the Monterey Bay. I never really knew what i was going to do with them. Tonights goal was to be, a theme of, Labor, Land and Love of Country. So i worked on this 6x6 triptych concentrating on color and numbers which i would some how it into one of these categories. I got to this point, and wanted to work on something else. Below you can see these little leaves, they are pressed cyanothis, native to Monterey, they are almond shape :) I love the middle one but the other two need more work.

All of a sudden i heard kelp screaming for freedom, from their plastic bag home, under a drop cloth, inside a cardboard box that use to hold blocks of wax. So, i listened. I went for them, searching under the rubble i found them. I wanted to do pours with the kelp to focus on shape color and simplicity, here are process shots, not the final. I had to make dinner. Here they are, enjoy. i just love pours. So i am playing with the different shapes and colors and such, and the last one, well it just made me smile.

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