Sunday, June 22, 2008

Studio Work June 23

Well, this weekend has been full of creation and processing. The weather here in Monterey has been real interesting and unexpected, starting with some hot days, (83 degrees). I went to the beach yesterday to think about my work and gather inspiration for my acrylic work. It was so amazing, im sitting outside, laying on my flannel blanket, eating almonds, thinking how nice it is to feel the heat on my pasty skin. As I listen to the ocean wash on shore, i lay in the sun, while watching the clouds slowly dance by. The clouds become darker and the sun hide a little more behind the clouds. I sit up and look out to the sea and watch lighting strike the calm sea. I heard thunder rumbling in the air. The plans for the day have slightly changed. So i packed up my things after siting watching the lighting show off the Monterey Bay. I also watch all the tourist pack their beach balls and umbrellas. I walk home, and to the studio i go.

I had a wonderful eight hour day in the studio. I painted in acrylics, (while my power was out) and then later i turned up the heat and got my wax on.

This new jellie peice is interesting, not sure where it is going, but, i cant help to love the jellie on the bottom left. There is something magical and story like about these jellies. I saw a few washed up on shore yesterday, however they were all clear and round, These are my Sea Nettle inspired jellies.

This is an in progress piece of the forest series i have created. A similar piece was accepted to KVIE's Art Auction, and shown at Monterey Museum of Art.

Here is the piece at the end. I think i am going to take out that black cloud. It is distracting to me. Encaustics never photograph well, this piece is so magical in person.

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edson_dias said...

Na.. dont remove the dark cloud.. I like the painting as it is.