Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gallery Extravaganza

These past couple of days have been so exciting for me. I had a reception in San Francisco at the Kathleen McMahon Fine Art Gallery, the show is titled, "Water is Gold". This building is so awesome and it holds working studios for many creatives. It was real cool to go and check out work that is being created there because there is such a wide range of mediums from digital media, jewelry making, paintings, hat making, photography and a whole assortment of interesting work. A very cool place to check out if you are ever in the area. Below are a few images from the reception.

Some photos i took on the way to Kathleen's gallery. One of my favorite things about SF has got to be the murals and the creative vibe that is crawling everywhere.

I will end this story with the typical SF shot....

After the SF showing, things kept on rolling, and I went to a very cool art opening in Carmel Valley and met Somer Harrold, a painter who has an awesome color palette and created some extremely interesting abstract pieces that danced ever so softly around the glass pieces that were being shown at the Masaoka Glass Design Gallery. Although i did not have the nikon with me when the glass blowing demonstration was going on, I did go back to the spot to check up on it and found the assistant cleaning up and taking care of a few things. It was real awesome to be able to see glass blowing in person. I also was so intrigued by the hot glass that just looked like water, so liquid and mailable, i think i should start blowing glass now.

Friday night and Saturday I painted. I am still prepping canvas and getting ready for the Westend Celebration. I need to figure out what piece i am going to put into the Friday night show. Here are a few shots of my work in progress and some almost finished pieces. I did a small watercolor painting of this cool holy jelly the other day, and i painted him (in acrylics) on Friday and touched him up on Saturday.

This last one is a watercolor birthday card i made for my sculpting friend Jamie. She always has the coolest hats.

And here is a piece i did for Kate and the family to be.

Well this is it for now. I am heading downstairs to the studio. I have Westend in mind. Hopefully you can make it and have a great time, the Octopi Collective will have their very own t-shirts and wine glasses for sale. Come and drop by in Sand City this weekend, check out my solo show at the City Hall and my latest work.

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