Sunday, August 10, 2008

jelly this and jelly that

Well, where DID the weekend go? Im not quite sure what happened to the time this weekend, and even though i feel like the time is running away minute by minute, i was still able to be productive in the studio as well as promoting studiomargo.

I painted more, red jelly. Here you get one look, because, you see, red jelly, well he moved...

here, look into jelly's eyes

This piece is in transition. i am working on the background, however you will see I worked on the piece over the weekend and I soildified that, now i have to work on the floating birdies.

So there are more things for me to work on, in this piece. The color palette in person is different and i have been thinking about turning the boy birdies to orange. We will see.

I took out of eyes of the octopus, and i have to make new ones, similar to those of my painted jellies.

O, here is a treat, not sure if im done with her or not....she will tell me when she is ready. but for now, she is good, and hanging out inside my little square. No title yet. I believe i created her in response to weekly hanging out with the girls, or as Triple M says, the feminist group. Ha.

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