Saturday, August 30, 2008

Art21 with Jamie Uretsky

Tuesday was such a full day, after the 8-5 job I joyfully skipping up my stairs thinking of what is to come in the next hour. It is Silk Screen Tuesday with my sculptor pal Jamie. Jamie is a recent graduate like myself, plotting about the development of our education as an artist. So i stuff food in my mouth, gather supplies, say goodbye to Lurch the Urch, and away I go to Silk Screen Tuesday.

So I finally got to the good ol' Pacific Grove with much excitement. As i walk up the perfect staris to the door, Jamie opens the is time. I quickly change into my painting gear, open a little vino, and get to discussion. We start, Jamie puts on a little Art21 and we listen to this video about contemporary artists as we create our design for the first round of prints. The last time that i silk screened I was about in sixth grade up at a place called Sly Park, I had such a great time. Jamie has taken a class on this before, so i was the pupil.

Now, Jamie has this cat...and, this cat, is unlike any cat i ever met. Kenobi is her name. I think that should explain it all. So this was one of my first times having an animal in the studio, which i have always wanted. Kenobi made me rethink that thought. ha. Nosey little kitty. So the silk screen goes on. Tonight was just round one, we created five prints, of some, radical shapes. Just hitting up different techniques and getting familiar with that process. Grated this was SPEED SCREENING, so, blow drying was quite the factor here. So here we go with a painting method, I was the color mixer and created some vibrate hues for my eyes to feed off of.

...and here is the reason... i believe i will stay kitty free in the studio. Im a painter, do you know what problems this would create with my i play with fire...i dont want to singe any kitty fur.

And so we continue, with a yummy light cadmium yellow.

So like i said, lots of blow drying and some of this process would have worked better if we werent SPEED SCREENING...none the less....Jamie had to work at 6:45am and i had to at 8:00 am, so this is how it goes tonight. We are just getting our hands wet.

Goodnight Kenobi.