Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sacramento's 2nd Saturdays

This was my first time going to one of Sacramento's Second Saturdays. Events like this can always be hit and miss. For me, this time, was a miss. Below are a few images of hopping around the different galleries in Sacramento. One of the galleries had live painting going on, which was cool to see, but extremely traditional. I was craving something more exciting and energetic. So away I went to midtown to see what was brewing. There was a good crowd out, some live music here and there accompanied by mediocre art. The work that I was most drawn to was at the B. Sakata Garo Gallery. I have already seen the artist, Terry Thompson's work about 10 months ago in San Fransisco at ArtZone 461 Gallery, but good work none the less.

Out of the work I have seen thus far in Sacramento, the Skinner Howard Gallery is by far the strongest gallery that shows unique and challenging work.

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