Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The New Crocker Art Museum

I made it. I am the NEW Crocker. The Crocker Art Museum has added a new wing to the museum. As a young girl growing up in Sacramento meant you and your classmates went to the Crocker.  I remember walking up the stairs and through the doors, entering another world. The moment my little sneakers entered the museum it was visual overload. The decor was like nothing I had seen in real life. From the tiles to the stairs to the carved wood to the high ceilings my young eyes were feasting on new shapes, colors, patterns and histories.

Sacramento is becoming quite the metropolitan city. I left Sacramento in 2002, swearing never to return. Well, you know what that usually means and here I am, hoovering over this valley city scoping out the scene and pleasantly surprised at where Sacramento is with their dedication to public art. Looks like I came into Sacramento at the right time. There is much excitement about public art here. In fact I will be going to a lecture at the North Natomas Library to listen to Brian Goggin speak about his future public art piece for the North Natomas Fire Station as well as his experience as a public artist.

Let's get back to the New Crocker, that is off the rocker. I absolutely love the new space that the Crocker family has created for the community of Sacramento. One of my favorite parts is that you are still able to experience the old part of the museum, which I think is so important. I enjoy that juxtaposition of the original Crocker with the new contemporary space with skylights and clean architecture that shows the work off in a superb manner.

The Crocker is a must see.

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renee balducci huston said...

that museum looks sensational! super cool art by the looks of it. Also, nice pics margo.