Saturday, January 8, 2011

Skinner Howard Gallery

The Skinner Howard Gallery (located at 723 S Street in Sacramento, CA) had an open reception this past week. I was invited by showing artist Micah Crandall-Bear to come and check out the work. This group showing is anchored by Kendall LeCompte's ceramic teapot collection. There are 69 teapots showing, each with their own story and identity and imagination flowing from their unique spouts. Below is a description from the artist.

"Let's say you're sitting in a nice chair, you have a hot cup of tea in hand, and you're enjoying Christopher Logue's delightful WAR MUSIC. He's writing modern poetry that does not translate, but rather grows from the Iliad. You are transfixed by Logue and in a second of distraction, spill a bit of tea on yourself, shifting your thoughts to tea for that moment. In that second when Homer and tea cross paths in your mind.... Well, 100 teapots later that second has matured.

Unlike confluence, but a happy one for me and unlikely to repeat (though there was an incidence with Marcus Aurelius lately...)

Should these pots catch your eye, I do suggest you go find Logue series - for nothing concerned with my work, merely because it is among the best modern poetry." - Kendall LeCompte

I also met artist Rogelio Manzo. He is a passionate painter and quite funny. Below is one of his paintings on the right.

One of Micah Crandall-Bear's paintings above. Micah's work is bold and strong and textural. He is a long time member of the Sacramento art community. Go to the Skinner Howard Gallery to see Micah's work in person.

 I fell in love with a painting by artist Chris Ehlers, titled "Hidden Insight" 58" x 55". You know when you fall in love. There is that...feeling... that humans feel, well, I felt that when I came across "Hidden Insight", everything about the work just felt magical. The composition, the mark making, the color palette, the contrast, the size, everything about it just made me feel like jumping into the painting and rolling all around it in. Isn't that how you are suppose to feel when you are in love, with a painting.

The encaustic painting I found by Marti Somers.

After taking a ten year hiatus from Sacramento I am diving into the art scene here to see what it really is all about. I hear so many different, word choices, about the scene and I am interested to check it out for myself. Sacramento it seems is on an up swing with their midtown life, I even read in the paper they have professional mermaids in bars, who doesn't love that? Perhaps my love of water and magic will finally combine together, I hear they are looking for more mermaids. Watch out Ariel, here comes Margo.

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