Thursday, June 23, 2011

Electrical Box Robots :: Santa Cruz :: Margo

Santa Cruz officially has their first Margo! I painted a total of 26 hours in four days. Two three hour days and two ten hour days. I received two sandwiches and one soda from the community. I heard countless "Thank You's, Awesome's, and Way To Go's" from people in cars, on foot, and riding their bicycles on Soquel and Morrissey. All I can say is Thank You Santa Cruz! 

The most asked question I believe was "Did you design that?" "Yes, I did". The second was "How do you get a job like that?" "Well, you apply." I applied, just like the other 150 artists did. This project is through the City of Santa Cruz. The four other artists that were selected this time are: Doug Ross (Ocean and Morrissey) Bruce Harman (Ocean and Water) Anna Oneglia (Riverside and 3rd) Demian Bartholomew-Keller (Front and Soquel).

Here are some photographs of the process. I will be working on putting together a video documenting the whole process. I will post it on my website.

The busy bees of Soquel and Morrissey.

If you are ever in Santa Cruz, walk, bike, or skip to Soquel and Morrissey and take your photograph with the robots and get yourself some robot!


Travel.Like.h2o said...

Santa Cruz loves you Margo!! Thank you for being so awesome and sharing your talents with my hometown! <3

Anonymous said...

I love to see nice art on an ugly box. It makes my day happier!

jowdjbrown said...

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