Friday, November 11, 2011

Rogelio Manzo :: New Work

Rogelio Manzo is showing his new work at the Skinner Howard Gallery in Sacramento, CA. Rogelio has been working non stop since we last caught up with him in the studio visit. While I was at the opening I could not keep my eyes off of these two particular paintings. I am so intrigued by these two women. I love their fashion, their pose, their body language. These pictures obviously don't do them justice, this work is bone chilling and strong. One of the women seems like the life of the party and I want to know more about her but maybe I just love that little peek into her cleavage which seems to be oozing self confidence and sexuality.

Knowing that Rogelio has been painting non stop, working on shows across the globe I couldn't help to wonder if all the constant painting would cause for unimpressive work. Much to my delight it is the opposite. Not only does Rogelio bring a consistently strong color palette and satisfying brush work throughout the show, but he starts to give us more of a view. Hand gestures and more torso are creeping into this new work. Along with the physical "more" to see, Rogelio uses different fabric that is eye catching and full of fashion while layering and layering, never muddying up his surface. Maybe it is his mixture of clean lines, painterly brush work and fashion are really what is making me hot, not just the peek-a-boo cleavage.

One of Rogelio's largest paintings has perfectly paired a mustard yellow with a muted blue (shown above) which has a great amount of depth.  Rogelio's 8x10in paintings start at $1500.00. Rogelio's gallery information is listed here at his website:

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