Monday, November 28, 2011

Winter Show 17th Ave Studios :: Santa Cruz

December 4th from 11am to 5pm the 17th Ave Studios will be showing their newest work. I just happen to have a new studio there and I will be showing my newest robot paintings along side some of my encaustic sea creatures. We each get a 6ft space to do what we please. So come on into Live Oak in Santa Cruz County get your fill of Margo and the robots. Don't forget to check out, Soquel and Morriessy, the home of 'Robot Love'!
 Here is my work in progress with the new, "Best Friends" completed in the 17th. Below is the finished painting, 12x16in.

Below is another sailing painting. The last one went so fast and so did the first round of prints. So, here is a different one. I just completed a small painting with a robot and a giraffebot in a sail boat. It is so sweet. These little paintings have morphed into something all their own. I paint them from my life experiences. I paint them because they want to live.

See you December 4th at the 17th!

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