Wednesday, February 20, 2013

History: Our Stories

For some reason I have been drawn to working more figuratively.  I am working on two different portraits, one of my grandmother and I (when I was a little one) sitting in her backyard. The other is of the two time gold winning Olympian, Bob Mathias. These two pieces are very different. I am in the home stretch with Bob, noodling out the finer details and adding more structure to his arms.

I have lost a few people these past few years and some that have stayed alive against all odds. The thoughts of what is a family, what are traditions, why are they important, or are they? This is my second painting of my memories of my Grandma. Painting to remember her and to feel her again, wishing she were here with me, to offer advice and have a relationship with her as an adult.  I absolutely love being a "Mullen" but what does all that really mean? I know for sure that means being creative, no matter what it is you do, just doing that creatively, from singers to doctors, computer programmers and painters. Being kind to others and helping where you can.  I never met Dr. Mullen (my grandfather) and wonder often of his thoughts and ideas for family.

These portraits are taking me to emotional places that I am grateful to feel and have. Tears of joy and sadness have been filling the studio lately. So love your family, you only have them here, for this time. Times change, people die and new generations are born. Placing the past behind you with squabbles and moving on working together to create a strong family unit (whatever you classify that as), remembering traditions and those who have passed  is some of the reason why we are here in this life.

Hug your families and call those who may not be near.

Hopefully the robots come in and check on me, it is getting a little somber in the studio.
Have a great rest of the week!

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