Sunday, February 3, 2013

Triton Museum and Doug Ross

Here we are at the Triton Museum. Excited to see this place and even more exited to see the work of Karen Frey, a Bay Area artist. The words that I have can not describe her work for the magical, beautiful technically executed work that it is. So here are some photographs of her work. If you EVER get the chance to see her work, please, treat your eyes, it is so worth it. Most of the work below is encaustic!


Here is the State Wides Water Color Competition. Really just a beautiful show. Two of my pals, Pat M-Towery and Susan Hancey were juried into the show. I have not seen so many water colors in one place at the same time.


Here we are at Donna Cehrs, a Santa Cruz artist showing her work of portraits. These portraits are painted in the old masters style, but with a modern visual twist. I must say some of the portraits I could not look at for a long time, alought stunning, there is so much emotion packed into each piece.


Here we are at Cruzio works on 877 Cedar Street where Doug Ross and Kevin Grossman celebrated "Tech Job Hunt Handbook" book release at Cruzio!

My favorite aspect of this viewing was being able to see Doug Ross's illustrations accompanied with different words. Seeing the same illustration, but using it in different context. Buy the book and receive some "reality advice".

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