Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Santa Cruz Sentinel : Christa Martin writes about Margo Mullen

Writer Christa Martin interviews me for the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

If I had a kid, one of the first things I'd do after discovering artist Margo Mullen would be to redecorate my little one's bedroom. Kids' rooms can run the range from cute to hodgepodge, and Mullen's whimsical robot paintings will spruce up any child's sleeping quarters. But that's just scratching the surface of the talents of this fine artist. Not only do her sweet robot creations jump out, but so does her photography, her acrylic paintings, watercolors, and her encaustics. (Check out her work at studiomargo.com.)
"I work in a variety of mediums depending on which medium will tell the story the best," says Mullen.
But as for her noteworthy "Robot Series," Mullen says it is her inner child. "The work that is created usually comes from an interaction and moment in time I had," she explains. The robots came to her the night of a power outage in Bonny Doon. She put on her headlamp, grabbed her art tools and ended up creating about 50 ink drawings of what would be the foundation of the series.
"Since that time, my robotic friends have grown and taken me to places I dreamed about when I was a little girl. These robots appear in watercolors, acrylic paintings and in public art. The work touches the souls of the people who view it. If my work can put a smile on your face, my heart is full."

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