Saturday, July 13, 2013

Monterey Muesum of Art, In Process: Andrew Schoultz

Last night was the opening reception at Monterey Muesum of Art, In Process: Andrew Schoultz  at  La Mirada. With the words Public Art and Monterey in one sentence you could not keep me away! I love seeing rooms change and large scale murals do just that. Andrew Schoultz coating the walls and floors, well and even the air with art work that had many people talking all night long. Schoultz was in Juxtapoz Magazine, who sponsored this San Francisco based artist to paint at MMA. Here is a short 2 min video of the process, HERE. The work will be up until November.

I also got to see the historical murals!

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Pat Watson said...

Some fascinating work but I like the earlier, more narrative work a bit better. The later stuff, including the mural was a bit too derivative.