Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well, it seems that Change doesn't even make mochas. Change makes "Get the Hell Up and Start Working" cafe, but it is okay because her chocolate chip banana pancakes are to die for!

I have been doing quite a large amount of researching and discussing with a variety of sources from on-line, to books, to extremely knowledgeable artist working in encaustic. I love to work large, it is like candy to me, well more like the sun dancing on my skin after being in the fog for so long. When I have the opportunity to work large, I will. I am creating my largest works in encaustic. I believe it is very important to challenge myself in life and art. I always learn more in challenging situations and I love to learn. Challenging myself is not always as tasty and sweet as those chocolate chip banana pancakes, but if I learn the recipe well, where ever I go, I will be able to make chocolate chip banana pancakes.

My personality has been going through changes. I have had a complete 180 degree living situation change and I am learning to just, keep working.

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