Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club

The Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club (MPYC) and the Monterey Museum of Art (MMA) worked together to hold the first annual event, 'On the Bay in Monterey'. This event is put together to raise money for the Youth Sailing Team of MPYC. It is events like this and community support, that we are able to educate our youth and promote outdoor education. There were 285 pieces of art submitted to the juried show and only 20 pieces were selected. E. Michael Whittington, the Executive Director of MMA juried the exhibition that will be showing until June 18th. I submitted work for the community event and was juried into the exhibition. I am very jazzed about it all. 'On the Bay in Monterey' has three events for three potential times to have our local community come out and support the program while receiving an amazing piece of art. It is a win win. So here we go to Warf #2 for the first event. It is the private Artist Reception, where members of the MPYC and the artists meet each other.

Above is Johnny Apodaca's painting. Johnny has been painting on the Central Coast for many years and has recently been working on these large oil abstractions. Johnny has a gallery in Carmel and if you are ever in the area, you should check out his body of work! Apodaca has an amazing sense of color. Below is the ever so exciting picture I send to my parents with me and my acrylic painting. And who is that I see, it is Allyson Malek, with her painting which is next to Johnny's. I was very excited to see Allyson at the event. This is our third juried exhibition together. My other painting pal, David Molesky had a piece in the exhibition, 'Rip Curl', which was next to my piece.

The reception was exciting. I enjoyed being able to spend time discussing with fellow artists as well being able to meet and converse with the members of the MPYC about their experiences with sailing and their love for the ocean. That is most defiantly one thing we all have in common, the love and passion of the ocean.

The second event was today which was the Wine, Art and Jazz afternoon. The event went from 2 to 6pm with raffle prizes throughout the event.The proceeds from the raffle benefits the Youth Sailing Team. The food was amazing (which was paired up with the most perfect wines) the conversation kept me on my toes, and the view, breath taking.

The ribbons were awarded, the wine was being tasted and the foodies were being enjoyed. The Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club sure knows how to put on a very successful and truly enjoyable event. My painting sold tonight and I am very excited that I am helping to support my local community with what I do best, paint. Here is a photograph of the collector and me with the piece. Check out the RED DOT.

Even though the afternoon was winding down the Sun has been staying out late these days. I can not blame the Sun, it is summer. I want to stay out longer too. So I went to a local beach and watched the sun set. As I was walking to the beach I happened to glance up and started laughing. This image seemed so silly and absurd to me. I felt like the pooch was flying over me. So I had to take a quick shot of the dog looking over his land, as he watches his Sun set.

On my walk back I found a half eaten pepper. The color just screamed at me as I was walking by. I took it in. That blast of energetic color was the most amazing way to finish my night.

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