Thursday, June 11, 2009

Working in Wax Lecture :: Eileen P. Goldenberg

Yesterday was the Bedford Gallery's 'Working in Wax' lecture given by Eileen P. Goldenberg. Eileen discussed about the growing popularity of encaustic work. This was a great opportunity for people to ask questions about the medium and the history of encaustic. Many members were there and a few of the showing artist came to support the education of the medium. This was also a great time to see the show again. Although I was there for a few hours during the opening reception there is nothing like going back to the gallery to really soak in the work with little to no distractions. This body of work at the Bedford Gallery is an extremely stimulating exhibition. There area variety of techniques and applications used with the encaustic medium. There are small sculptures, encaustic mono prints, realistic portraits, collage, and the exciting wax living room created by Wendy and Judy, who live right here on the Central Coast. I felt like I was in college again as I diligently take down the names and techniques of the artist I had not studied.

The Picture below is a close up of Rodney Thompson's Ceremonial Robe Series. I wanted to see his use of pigment and structure up close and personal. I have been researching and studying most of my time in the last few weeks with working large, so checking out this exhibition again was a great way for me to see in person the use of pigment, working large and just how the painter decided to finish their edges. If you are in town, or passing through, you should take some time and look at the exhibition.

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