Wednesday, June 3, 2009

forever studiomargo

I create these weird little jellie/octo creatures. Most of the time they are created in water color however I have seen them showing up in my acrylic and encaustic paintings. These creatures started as a response to my many hours of studying the deep sea in college for a mural project. What I love about the deep sea is that it seems like anything weird looking comes from there. After a few years of painting them, they have evolved and taken on a world of their own. Since I have been consistently painting them for a few years now I have a strong attachment to them. When I want to feel comfort I paint these little jellie guys. They make me laugh so much. Each one I paint has his or her own character and mood. I get such joy out of creating these little creatures.

I spent sometime with my family a few weeks back and what do I see?

Wow! My cousin tatted one of my jellies on his arm. The picture above is showing just one session he had with the artist. My cousin recently acquired one of my water color jellie paintings. The tattoo artist and him want it to look like the water color painting he has. It will take a few sessions of layering the color and illustrating the brush work on his arm.

I will say that my exposure to the tattoo culture has been starting to grow. There are painters painting tattoo artists and tattoo artists tatting paintings, drawings and ideas onto bodies. For me to be able to see my own work of art on a body is the coolest experience. I am at a lost of words to write about, but all I can say is that it feels so amazing to see my jellie on his arm. I cant wait to see the progression of this work. Don't worry, I will keep you up to date on this piece.

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