Sunday, June 21, 2009

Octopi Collective Workshops @ the National Steinbeck Center

The Octopi Collective held our first workshop together at the National Steinbeck Center (NSC), located in Salinas, Ca. The Octopi will be showing in the large gallery at the NSC during the Steinbeck Festival. The opening reception for the Octopi's work is August 7th from 6 to 8pm. The theme for the festival comes from Steinbeck's book, "The Acts of King Arthur and His Noble Knights". So the Octopi has read or is reading this book and using it as inspiration for the body of work that will be at the NSC.

Our 2 day work shop is educating the children on a variety of things you can hand make with supplies you have around the house. We tea stained paper to age it. We also created our own hand made paper, and stamps. Bringing all of these things together the kids will create their very own story with a hand made manuscript. Below are some images from the first day.

Also if you are interested in purchasing your own Octopi t-shirt they are $12.00. You can email: for more information.


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